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Website Design:
You Need a Hardworking Website
Making Money for Your Business

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BRC websites look great and carry subtle marketing language. Words that turn lookers into buyers. El Paso website designer, Richard Church, consults with you to learnabout your business and industry. Then he creates the  website that best reflects your business. It’s the kind of website that appeals to your best clients’ demographics.

Your website designed by BRC Consultants Inc. is attractive and personalized to your business. Unlike some websites, each web page has plenty of written content. (300 words per page is considered minimum by experts). Your clients get the information they need to act. They can call you, visit your El Paso location, or to make an online purchase. A typical BRC web page has 300-500 words that inform your customer and persuade him to buy from you. Search engines do not see graphics.

“Content is King” means you attract viewers with words. An El Paso Website Design by BRC will give them the necessary information to make a buying decision.

Your website design is a first impression

Your website is the face of your company to everyone who has not visited your location. It provides reassurance to customers and vendors. It says that you are who you say you are. People buy from people they like and trust. Your website creates a positive first impression of a successful business with great customer service.

Richad Church is a marketing consultant, web designer, photographer, and writer for BRC Consultants Inc. He will design your website to enhance your professional image. Using  your logo and company colors, he’ll promote your distinct brand to your customers’. Call him at (915) 238-8482 Monday through Friday 8:00 -5:00 Mountain Time. Or use the contact page for a return call. Be sure to give some details in the comments box.

Is your existing website design giving you results?

Some “competitors” limit their website content to  15-30 words per page. Not using enough words

  • forces viewers to search many pages and still not find the needed information
  • creates stress and wasted time for the viewer
  • few words means no place to insert the keywords that help Google and other search engines find you

A Typical BRC Website Design

Richard has created dozens of websites ranging from 1 to 60 pages. It just depends on what you need and your budget. Most of these websites include

■Custom header using your logo to enhance brand recognition
■Submission to Google, Yahoo, Bing and
■6-10 keywords inserted into 300+ words of information promoting your business (not including photo gallery or ecommerce pages)
■A Google map so that clients can find you
■An attractive design including backgrounds and other design elements to distinquish your website from the million of “cookie cutter” websites.
■Contact form on the Home or landing page
■Search engine friendly graphics optimized for web viewing
■Free mini-photo shoot of your business ( El Paso website clients only)