Here are a few examples of photos taken for my websites. If you are building or having a website built, here are some suggestions on types of photos to use. Digital cameras are great investments but you do not have to buy an expensive one–in many cases the  camera on your cell phone will do.

  • Portrait of owner/president on the premises or working in the field
  • Group of employees in action
  • Exterior of company building (Tips: try to remove clutter and shoot when the light shows your building at its best. Also, try to keep the lines of your building parallel with the edges of the picture and try not to cut off anything important)
  • Interiors of your building: try to catch the mood you want your customers to feel (softly lit romantic restaurant, bright office building, spacious furniture store, etc.)
  • If your employees work in the homes of consumers, consider a photo page so they can recognize the worker when he/she arrives. A great idea for carpet cleaners, electricians, etc. Sometimes car dealerships employ this technique so customers feel they have “a friend in the business”
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Find the best angle and lighting for the products you sell. This applies from dishes, installed machinery, coins, and food as well.
  • Before and after photos are great for getting a point across
  • Step by step instructional photos need to be easy to understand