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Websites that Work for your Business

BRC's professionally written web content presents your business in its best light!

Unlike too many web pages, our website pages contain the information customers need to act--whether that action is a phone call, a visit to your location, or an online purchase. People buy from people they like and trust. That is why we give your clients a sense of who you are, and what your business is about. There is so much more to know than when you were established and the brands you carry.

As each business is unique, so must every website be unique so that you may differentiate your business from your competitors. A BRC consultant will interview you (in person if you are in El Paso) to find out why clients find you are more attractive than other similar businesses. Do your technicians have more experience or more formal training? Do you carry many brands or do you specialize in the one brand that you feel is the best? Why do people love your customer service? ...your prices? ...your decor and physical environment?

Will your product make your clients feel happier, sexier, more confident, more productive, richer, a better parent, home owner, golfer, etc.? BRC Consultants can bring out the desire in your clients and get them to buy.

There are all kinds of reasons your clients prefer you. Our job is to find those reasons, and to analyze those benefits from your customers' point of view. Once the benefits are defined, our writer will put those ideas into words that will entice website visitors to become new customers.


Graphics and Photos

We love graphics and photos, too! But they are visual aids meant to enhance the process. Except for gallery or picture pages, photos can't take the place of written content. That is why we need labels to identify the fabric in a new shirt, and instructions on how to use a new tool or piece of electronics. Can you imagine a text book with no words? We need language to inform us.

A critical reason for written content is that search engines cannot interpret pictures. Web pages need written content as a nest to hold all of those keywords that people use to find you on the web. Keywords are specific words or phrases people use to find your business; and they need to be repeated more than once so the search engine (Google, Bing, Firefox, etc.) knows your website has the information your client needs. (Example: count how many times website,one of my keywords, is found on this page.)

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