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Home page for H & H Mail Marketing

An attractive web design will increase business. Especially true when coupled with compelling content. A good website will make you money and more than pay for itself. Companies without websites often cite high cost. BRC Consultants offers complete custom web sites (8 or more pages) with prices starting at $800! Pages can be added as your business grows. There are many reasons  to be online. Here are 10 Reasons You Need a Good Website.
Additional features and options include interactive calendars, photo galleries and “sliders”, blogs, ecommerce, video, and more.

Basic Web Design

Website design for driving school

Website design for driving school

If you are on a shoestring budget, we can provide three page websites for a very low price. You will get pages for Home, Services/Products, and Contact with a google map. It will be professionally designed and written. It will be completed and online quickly. It will display your phone number, email, facebook, and another social media link. Every web design we currently make is responsive. It will look great on any device. (View older web designs here.)

What are you giving up? Your basic website design will be basic. It will not have as many images. The headers and footers will be simpler. And it will contain fewer features and less personalized content. One of the problems with fewer pages is that if you include too many ideas (like many services) the search engines do not know what the page is about so they may rank you lower in the listings. If you only have a few offerings (i.e. wedding cake or auto insurance) you should be O.K.

Do not be discouraged if you can only afford a simple website for now. You can always add features and pages later as your business increases. It is better to get started now instead of waiting. You cannot wait for every light to turn green before starting on a trip.

Content is Still King

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Do It Yourself home repair blog

Many designers offer great designs but require you to fill in the text. BRC Consultants Inc. has content writers (copywriters) on staff with advertising and marketing degrees. Let them create your content after researching the industry you are in and talking with you about your unique business. Many of BRC’s older web designs had few features but still were useful to the businesses they promoted and the visitors using them.

How much content do you need? What ever your product or service, think about how much information you tell a prospect to get them to buy. A web design package from BRC Consultants Inc. include well written content. SEO experts say main pages should have 300-500 words. Does anybody read these words besides search engines? Mostly no. That is why paragraphs have headings so people can find what the information they need.

BRC websites answer the prospects’ questions when you are not their to help them. Calls for action such as “Contact Us”, “Email Us”, “Come by Our Store” and “Buy Now” (for ecommerce sites).

Easy to Navigate

People do not read websites–they skim them to find the information they need. Interactive menus, in-bound links, and headings make information easier to locate.

Websites Ready in Days

Website Design Incorporating the Best Features

Do you need a website for a blog, to sell online, to market and educate your clients, and add credibility to your business?
Be able to process PayPal and credit card payments or donations? Be easily viewed on a smart phone? We can do create it for you.
Often we see attractively designed websites that are lacking in their content. Web design is only part of a website. We also include content writing services with all of our websites. We also offer photography services to El Paso area clients.

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We are serious about getting your website up and running. Every wasted minute is costing you money. Call us today at 915-238-8482 during regular business hours or use the contact page. We often hear from businesses and organizations that are “getting a website done” but it has already taken six months with no end in sight. A BRC small business website for most clients only takes about one to two weeks. The longer it takes the more business you lose. Contact us today.