Branding Your Company

Experienced marketers already know about branding, positioning, and creating a “top of mind” presence. But let us start at the beginning anyway.

  • Branding is putting your individual mark on what you do. Just like the ranchers that burn their mark on a bull.
  • Positioning and “top of mind” both reflect the concept of securing a spot in the consumers’ mind. Making them think of you when they need your type of product or service. Many people think of Coke when asked to name a soft drink, McDonald’s for hamburgers, Nike for athletic shoes, Kleenex for tissues. These may not even be favorite brands, but advertising has created a space for these brands in our psyches.
  • USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition. USP means differentiating our products and services from those of competitors in the marketplace. Marketers use logos, styling, etc. to appeal to specific audiences. Unique Selling Proposition is the “why” customers should buy your product (the proposition) instead of your competitors. Answers to this question range from value to sex appeal to efficiency to shipping options to what ever else you can imagine.

Use this worksheet to help evaluate your company for a stronger brand

Directions and ideas for filling out the worksheet