BRC Consultants: Creators of Unique Websites for Your Unique Business

BRC Consultants Inc. has been around since 2000. BRC branched out to include website design in 2011. Click here for information about a custom website for your business. BRC also offers products for people wishing to build their own websites.

Most BRC Consultants’ websites are HTML sites made in Dreamweaver. (Dreamweaver is the #1 choice software of many web designers.) This website is a WordPress site. BRC Consultants made it to show a blog/website sample. Let us know if you want a certain theme or template. We’ll try to accommodate you.

The secret to writing better web pages? Interview each client in depth. Doing so uncovers more information about their business. When possible, BRC Consultants conducts this interview “in person”. Face to face meetings bring out more ideas. Ideas that attract more customers. Ideas that make them buy. Such ideas often go unasked on standard questionaires.

Other Website Related Services

BRC Consultants is a registered reseller of GoDaddy.com web products and services. Go Daddy is the world’s largest registrar of domains. Your website is safely stored on “4G” servers, the best available. Go Daddy provides the best in support and technical help services as well. By using them, BRC can offer inexpensive hosting with guaranteed 99.9% up time!

Check out their extensive products line. Create your own domain name for only $9.99! BRC Consultants Inc. offers WebsiteTonight easy build sites, and eCommerce shopping carts. Thousands of templates from WordPress and others! Search Engine Visability, and site analytics also available. However, we like to help our clients pick out the URL and additional services that best suit their needs.

Richard Lane Church

Richard Church of BRC Consultants Inc.

Richard Church. Website designer and content writer for BRC Consultants

Richard Church is the website designer and content writer for BRC Consultants Inc. He has over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, and graphic design. He has degrees in Marketing (BS) and Advertising (AAS). Richard, as marketing director, created his first website in 2007. It  attracted 2,000 viewers a month. Google ranked it #1 or #2 position for several years in three categories. Richard studied photography in Santa Fe, NM and assisted top  commercial photographer Lynn Lown.
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Richard has lived in El Paso for 18 years. He created BRC Consultants advertising division in 2011. Many of his websites may be seen at ElPasoBiz.com His clients include daycares, therapists, retailers, insurance agents, auto technicians, dog groomers, bodyshops, restaurants, commercial and residential contractors, plumbers and electricians, and school auxilary groups.