Content Writing

Better Content equals Better Website Traffic

Content Writing

Yes you can get a “free website” online–but you have to build it. You know your business, but organizing that information and writing it down is specialized work. Even top salespeople who make their living talking to prospects are often stumped when faced with a blank page or computer screen. Websites must be easily navigated. The content must be easily understood to the reader and the search engines. BRC specializes in content writing, writing new pages every day.

Content writing for your own blog

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You may be a great writer, but ask your self

  • Do I have time to write content for my website? (300 words per page)
  • Do I have time to learn SEO (search engine optimization?)
  • Do I have time to select, format, and optimize the necessary images to enhance the website’s appearance?
  • Can I write from the consumers’ viewpoint who need information to buy?
  • Is the frustration and hours of learning worth it?

If you have the time and the writing skills, can you make more money doing something else in your business? Professional website design, art direction, and content writing pays for itself in more sales. Consider out-sourcing it to an experienced website designer and content writer. BRC has created about 100 websites. As the saying goes, “This ain’t our first rodeo!” BRC will get your website up quickly.

Update Content

Websites are not “carved in stone”. If you need a correction (very unlikely), BRC can take care of it quickly. The same is true for minor changes such as adding a new phone number. More extensive changes are available through selecting a maintenance program or by hourly billing.

Creating a Blog

Many websites include a blog. BRC can set one up for you as a part of your website. This will give you some experience in content writing. BRC will even teach you to manage the technical part. Obvious advantages to blogging include

  • Interacting with your customers/clients online
  • Constantly creating more content
  • Higher search engines rankings
  • Recycle portions of the blog into social media posts
  • Comments from others provide free content
  • Comments also create backlinks that also improve search engine rankings