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When you contact BRC Consultants using the convenient contact form, you will be sent a questionaire to familiarize yourself with the questions we will ask. (Realize there are no wrong answers and that many of the questions may not apply to your business at all. The purpose of the questions are to

  1.  make sure we do not forget to ask something that may create a better online presence for your company,
  2.  foster an open discussion that leads to areas in which your company excels and needs to be highlighted in the web content, and
  3.  to get you thinking before the meeting regarding areas you want promoted and/or to shy away from. Although advertising always must be truthful and never misleading, every company has its strengths and weaknesses. We will only promote your strengths!

We will also schedule a meeting time in which we may discuss your needs.

Free Consultation for El Paso Clients in Person

If you are in the El Paso, Texas area, our consultant/web designer will meet with you at your company’s location to get a thorough understanding of your business. He will go over  your questionnaire answers, but the conversation will hopefully bring light to other important information about your business. The more we know about you the better we can promote your business. Currently, photography packages are available to use on your website. We may take 2-3 photos during the scheduled meeting time at your location. Extensive photo sessions and/or multiple sessions are available at additional cost.

Free Consultation via Phone or Skype for Clients Outside El Paso, Texas

If your business is outside of the El Paso, Texas area, you will receive a questionaire to get your ideas on paper. We will also schedule a time to discuss your needs by phone or Skype. Unfortunately we cannot offer photographic services, but photos sent by you will bear a copyright in your or your businesses name (they must be your photos). If you are using photos from others, you must have the photographer’s permission or license to use them for your website. If you have no photos that we can use, stock photos will be added at no cost to you.

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