Many Pages to Appeal to Many Viewers

 Multiple Page Website-How many Pages?

How many pages does your website need? Are you selling just one product, service or idea? Then one page is plenty.

If you have a lot of different services, products, or ideas; you probably need more. Realize that few will read all the pages. They just want to find the information they need. Multiple pages take more time to create, so the cost is higher. BRC Consultants Inc. is a small business too. We realize everyone has a budget. We want to give you the most value for your money.
We started years ago making one page entry-level websites. They looked great. They were unique for each business in terms of content and design. As search engines became smarter, SEO became more complex. Each page was indexed for one or a few keywords.

One General Page vs. Many Specific Pages

A one page web page did not have one specific keyword. So search engines sent viewers to pages that focused information on the search words entered. For example:
a one page insurance agency website may boast about selling every kind of insurance. But if your search phrase is auto insurance, there are plenty of web pages out there specializing on this key word (phrase). Those sites top the search engine results.
BRC Consultants Inc. has created several insurance websites. How many pages did they need? It varied from agency to agency. But most had separate pages for auto, property, business, life, and health.(Some broke it down further to liability/ full-coverage, renters/ homeowners, etc.) This increased search results.
So how many pages do you need? Think about it. More pages do mean better results. But also know you can always add more pages later.

many pages allow searchers more detailed informationA home page is meant to be an index to other pages for specific information. “On page SEO” will often lead a search directly to that page without bringing up the home page at all. This is more efficient for the viewer.

Starting Out: Ask “How many web pages for now?”

So how many pages do you really need to attract clients? Think about it. More pages do mean better results. But you can always add more pages later as the budget permits. If you blog, each posts creates new content. (Comments is new content as well and costs you nothing.) Here is information on blogging. Please buy a domain name and hosting from my reseller site.
Except for the occasional “squeeze page” that sells only one product, BRC no longer makes one page sites. People do not get the hits they need. So they give up on online advertising. This makes the web designer look bad. But worse, the client gets little return for their money. They also turn their backs on a great way to get more customers.