Ten Reasons Websites Grow Business

Ten Reasons Websites Enhance Business and Grow Market Share

There are multiple reasons websites are so popular. Listed are the top 10 reasons websites that BRC’s clients cite most.

Reason 1. You can put loads of information on your website. Websites  educate and persuade people to buy products, services, and viewpoints. Each competitor tells their story online. Tell prospects why you are better

reasons websites are important

Local business can attract national attention with a good website

Reason 2.A website lets you can compete with large companies.  Sell your products directly. No retailer. No TV commercials. No expensive mall space.

Reason 3. A web site address (URL) is easy to communicate and to remember. A simple word or  phrase (i.e. brcwebdesigns.com) is easily remembered from a billboard or moving truck.

Reason 4. People can get their questions answered from home. Who you are. What you sell (sizes, colors, prices, brands, etc.). What services are offered.

Reason 5. A website is on 24/7. Clients can visit your blog or ecommerce store any time day or night. Now people use their smart phones to surf the internet when waiting…in their car, at a restaurant or bus stop. You can get a free QR code here to lead people to your website (no sign in required).

qr code generator sample

This client’s QR code leads smartphone users to her insurance website

Reason 6. Websites are cheaper than the Yellow Pages® or print advertising. A full page ad costs more in a month than a dozen internet pages in a year.

Reason 7. Websites increase your marketplace. Why limit yourself to one neighborhood of shoppers? You can have the whole city, region, or planet buying from you!

Reason 8. You can Easily track your marketing efforts. Google analytics and other tools show what works and what needs changed.

Reason 9. Additional information is easier and cheaper to deliver online. Businesses distribute brochures. But the same information can be delivered digitally immediately. And without paying for printing or postage. Digital changes and corrections are also easier, cheaper, and faster than in print media changes. You can even sell information or give it in exchange for a prospect’s email address.

Reason 10. A good website adds credibility to your company.  Prospects and suppliers now assume legitimate companies have websites. BRC built a website for a commercial tile contractor because he was asked by multiple general contractors for their URL. (It must have worked–the company installed the granite floors for the El Paso International Airport.)

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