WordPress Themes, Dollar Photo Club, etc.

WordPress Themes –Thousands of themes, Unlimited Ways to Customize Them

WordPress themes are great! I now build every website with WordPress. There are thousands of themes to choose from plus many plug-ins to ad more functionality. Many of are free, like Twenty Eleven. It has been helpful to me to choose just a few themes that have multiple options to that I can learn them well and create sites faster.

Always “make the theme your own”. It is unlikely that your clients will see a website that looks like his. But it is so easy to customize the site and make it original.

Finding Great Images

If you want some great images for a site, join http://dolarphotoclub.com .It’s only $10 a month and you can download oodles of large format photos and illustrations for only a dollar each.
.adventurous wordpress themesHere is the original theme “out of the box” This website is ons created frm theis theme.
There are many free themes, but I bought the pro versions of Adventurous and Weaver II for the additional features and options. When you choose a WordPress theme, make sure to get one that is responsive because search engines penalize you if your site is not mobile friendly (because 60% of viewers are using their smart phones and tablets for searches). Free and additional features include the ability to change colors or add background images to headers, background, and pages. Various places for widgets. Multiple layouts that can differ with each page. Ability to use a custom favicon. And since it is WordPress, lots of options for your blog–categories, who can comment, avatar options, latest blog titles on sidebar widget, etc.

Once you set up your site to use a WordPress theme, you can look at various themes to get an idea of their “look”, what options they offer, if it is worth getting the pro version, etc. If you have favorite plug-ins, be aware that not every plug-in is compatible with every theme. However, sometimes WordPress themes or specific plug-ins just need to be updated to work.

Other Favorites

My favorite plug-ins include Meta Slider Pro and Visual Form Builder (Developer versions). They are worth every penny.
Google offers a great calendar for free as well as easy to use embeddable maps. And don’t forget most You Tube videos can be embedded as well. Get your own You Tube page to add your videos.