Leads Club Prospecting–Sharing Prospect Information with Non-Competing Salespeople

Leads Club

Leads club is a networking organization where sales people share prospects’ names. If you work in outside sales, you know how hard it is to find new prospects each week. I am part of 4 networking groups. Three of them meet monthly and one weekly. By far, the leads club that I attend weekly has been the best investment of time and money.
Every week members come together for an early breakfast meeting and share recent leads. You probably already know 5-10 people in sales that are not your competitors. Why not get together once a month or even once a week to share information of prospects you have recently met.

    • Who to invite? Your favorite realtor, car saleman, contractor, plumber, BBB member salesperson, wholesalers of all kind that do not sell the same items, computer or software B2B sales, insurance agent, website designer, photographer, dentists, chiropractor, etc.
    • Meeting time and place. Breakfast seems to be the favorite time to meet. Early, so you have an hour to meet plus travel time to get to your first appointment.

      Some leads clubs like to meet at different location so that each member gets to attend in their part of town. Other clubs have found a place where the service is prompt, the food is good, and the management will set up a table for you as you grow in size. (We get a little loud sometimes because even though we are working, we are having a good time with the other members. So it is great if we are separate from the other diners.)

Our Rules

  1. Only one person per industry (though they can send a substitute if they can’t make it). Everyone must come regularly or they may lose their membership and their place given to another person in that industry. Members should never be in direct competition.
  2. Each person must bring three recent leads every meeting
  3. When following up on a lead, do not tell the prospect where you got the lead (We normally say that “I came across their card somewhere when I was out meeting people.”)
  4. Leads gathered from the leads club need to stay within the group. Never give out these leads to another group or salesperson
  5. Get to know each other so you can emphasize if a member in particular can benefit (If you visited a new empty office, tell the office furniture salesperson)
  6. Everyone pays for their own breakfast. The restaurant is giving you a space to meet, so order something!
  • Those are the rules we use. Create whatever works for the group you start.
  • Each person brings three leads copied onto a sheet of paper along with there own card. You can also put promotional information on the sheet if you want. Make enough copies for everyone attending. If you have 10 people, you walk in with three leads and walk out with thirty!

    You do not have to have a membership fee, but we chose to have a collection each week so as to have some money for a Holiday party at the end of the year and to give n end of year donation to a local charity.
    Some of my favorite colleagues I met at our local leads club. Even though networking is about having other people recommend you, do not be surprised if other members become your customers or clients.

    Half page lead sheet

    Half sheet…Save paper by printing two pages on one piece of paper. Your card on top.

    leads sheet for distribution to other leads club members

    Full sheet…Put three business cards on a sheet and copy. Include your own card or use one of your promotional flyers