Sample Websites

Sample Websites built by BRC Consultants Inc.

The following websites show recent custom home pages. The written content is optimized to be easily accessed and understood. Both search engines and visitors can easily find what they need.
BRC Consultants Inc. is woman-owned, minority-owned business in El Paso, Texas.

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Sample websites are shown in low resolution. You can click on most of the samples to open that particular website in a new window. You can also click the thumb nail image to view a specific sample website.

Website Samples Portfolio of Responsive Websites Built by BRC Consultants Inc.

The images shown here are based on WordPress themes. Most are responsive, meaning that they will resize and re-organize web content so that it looks good on any device. Those shown were created in the last year or so. All of these sample websites promote El Paso, Texas firms. But BRC can also work with your company outside of the El Paso area via email, phone consultation, Skype connection.

Sample Websites Created in WordPress

We use WordPress for many reasons

  • Search engines love WordPress websites
  • 25% of websites on the internet were created with WordPress themes as their base, including websites for Fortune 500, Mercedes-Benz, WSJ, BestBay, eBay, and PlayStation
  • Thousands of features are available to increase functionality
  • Beginning in 2003, hundreds of developers have worked together to continue improving the industry
  • Open source development allow code to be shared, saving time and resources
  • These sample websites show only 3 or 4 themes of the thousands available
  • SEO is easily applied
  • BRC adds and changes the code in specific CSS pages of WordPress. This allows our customers to get the look they want
  • WordPress is constantly upgrading the functionality and security of their themes. (This one is currently 4.1)
  • When visiting El Paso clients, BRC can make changes in WordPress from the clients’ computers or even BRC smart phones.

Samples of HTML Based Websites

plumber's sample websiteIn the past we built all of our web pages using Adobe Dreamweaver. While these HTML based pages conveyed critical information, they were not as robust. They we also made for different shaped screens. BRC rarely creates these now because our El Paso and online clients prefer the more sophisticated and functional WordPress based sites.

Contact BRC for a free consultation to see how we can help your business.

El Paso area businesses receive an onsite visit to their business. This allows BRC to get a better idea how to market their firms online. Onsite visits also allow BRC to take some photos for your site, incorporate color schemes and other branding devices. If you prefer to vist the BRC web design studio, call (915) 238-8482 for an appointment and directions.