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Use this free QR Code Generator (Quick Response Code Generator) to create the square icons that can be read by smartphones. Your unique QR code can lead the user to your website, a phone number, an image, a map, or text. Notice that you can change the colors of the background and foreground. Experiment to make sure there is enough contrast (by color and by dark/light) for it to be read. Most new phones only need about a half inch square image.

Totally FREE to use. You do not have to sign up for anything.


Here you can upload images with .png, .gif or .jpg extension. Best choice is PNG with alpha transparency. The logo will be inserted in the middle of the Custom-QR-Code.

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QR Code
QR Code

QR Code

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are coded graphics, that can be read by current smartphones and tablets with the appropriate software. They form a bridge between the real and the virtual world. Nowadays it's hard to find advertisements without this code. With one scan you are directed to a website, a product video or a download link in the App Store. Receive immediately information or the content you want, without having to type a link. Complete Business cards are imported within seconds. Even pre-formulated, pre-addressed mail and SMS as well as free text messages can be transmitted. With the enormous range of practical applications QR Codes are continuously gaining importance.


Here you can customize your QR Codes with your logo, a photo, a smiley or a short promotional text. In this way you create a recognition and give a personal touch to the code, so to stand out from other competitors.

Your graphic is positioned centrally and may cover a maximum of 30%, less is recommended in any case, so that old scanner can read this.

You can upload your logo in PNG, GIF and as JPEG. We recommend PNG because here you can use alpha channel transparency. You can adjust the size of the logo with a slider. You should test in any case directly on the screen using a smartphone, whether the generated code is still working or if there is too many image content covered.

Important: For tests the content of the Custom-QR-Code is in some places illegible. To generate a Custom-QR-Code correctly, a QR-Token is required. You can get it for 4,99 €. You should use the QR-Token only when everything else suits you. The generated Custom-QR Code will be displayed on the website and we sent it by mail to the email address you entered by ordering. If you make a price comparison, you will find that this offer is extremely cheap. Typical prices for individualized QR Codes range from 50,- € to 100,- €.

The provider of the QR-Token is the company Hot-World GmbH & Co. KG. Payment is made securely through PayPal.

The use of Custom-QR-Codes is free of charge and royalty. You can use your generated Custom-QR-Codes for free for personal and commercial use as well as for printing.

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Feel free to always come to this website for QR Code generation. Put one on your business card, in your store window (people can scan it when you are closed), and on merchandize. QR codes are often used on vehicles and billboards, too.

QR Response Reader

Don’t have Quick Response Reader on your phone? No worries. Several are available for free at the app stores accessible from your phone. Some will also read barcodes. Download one today.

Other Uses for QR Code Readers

QR Codes are everywhere now. Want more information about the digital camera or laptop computer at Office Depot? Just scan the QR Code next to the price tag for technical information, accessories, comparisons, and more. (If you are a retailer, you can make your own tags with this QR code generator, because sometimes the sales person cannot be answering everyone’s questions at once.)

Airlines have their own codes that you can download when you register your flight that allow you to go paperless. Your boarding pass is displayed on your phone.
There are also available apps that allow you to scan an items QR Code at one store and find the same item at another store for a lower price. In this day where stores are anxious for your business, many check our people will honor the price on your phone as if it were a competitor’s coupon to be matched.

The gym I attend has qr codes on pieces of exercise equipment. When you scan the code, a short YouTube video teaches you how to use the machine properly.

Fun Stuff to do with QR Codes

All business and no play makes each of us dull. Create a treasure hunt by leading people on chase with clues created on the QR Code Generator! People can work alone or in teams. Using the icons as clues (either something to be figured out or a blatant “go here next”), send your treasure seekers to various locations around a school campus or a throughout the city. It can be one set of clues though at least the first should be different. Or you can have multiple sets. Just to be fair, the distances and difficulties should be about the same. Clues can be based on course or club information, Bible verses for a church youth group, historic places around town, old tombstones, or a recipe for a dinner club. The possibilities are endless.
Create fun activities using our QR Code Generator! It is always here for you.

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A BRC client’s QR code leads smartphone users to her insurance website